Investment Portfolio

We invest in early stage disruptive startups and highly profitable businesses that demonstrate transformation change, social impact and scale. We are technology driven entrepreneurs and take a hands on approach in building the startups and businesses.

Early stage investments

Disruption, transformation change, compelling value proposition, blue ocean market, strong IP, solid team are the key metrics we look for to invest and/or advise early stage startups either directly or through syndication with other investors. We invest and/or advise startups where we can add value with our expertise and connections.

key Investments

LATE stage investments

We invest, through secondary markets and hedge funds, in sector leading late stage companies that have a disruptive value proposition, rapid scale in revenues and are year to two years away from IPO.

pre ipo investments

We invest,  through syndication with hedge funds, in select Pre IPO stage companies that have expressed their interest to go public with SEC. We invested in 40+ companies that went through successful public listing in US stock market.

KEY INvestments